Embodied Vulnerability

Helping women and mothers to find balance, authenticity and self-love.

About Tara

A compassionate wellness entrepreneur and devoted coach. With 16 years of experience running a thriving wellness business and 10 years of coaching expertise, Tara offers heartfelt guidance to help you flourish.

Tara’s own transformation journey has included being a recipient of coaching encompassing spirituality, business, life, and wellness. She understands coaching’s profound impact on growth and fulfillment.

As a graduate of The Spirit of Learning Teacher program, Tara provides holistic support, nurturing your mind, emotions, body, and spirit. As a Reiki Master and Coach, she blends effective communication, goal setting, and accountability for powerful shifts.

Embrace this soulful experience with Tara as your unwavering champion. Unveil the radiant essence within you.

Are you finding that you’re not present and connected in your daily life?

Your to-do’s take over, and you’re left feeling depleted, disconnected from self and others.

Discover a path to inner peace, joy, and authenticity. Your transformative coaching sessions will empower you to reclaim balance, embrace your true self, and cultivate self-love.

Before seeking coaching

You may have tried several approaches, such as reading all the books, following social media influencers, and exploring self-help podcasts, or even worked with a coach before. What sets Tara apart is her authenticity.

With over a decade of coaching experience and a genuine relatability, Tara understands your journey intimately.

Something has to change, for something to change.

How It Works

Our Working Process

01 Embrace Vulnerability and Authenticity

Embrace Vulnerability and Authenticity

Through different healing and spiritual techniques, I will assist you in finding ways to step deeper into your truth. By being authentic with yourself first, it will allow you to move into a more comfortable place where you can be vulnerable with me and others while you pursue that inner knowing that resides within your heart.

02 Connect and Share Your Journey

Connect and Share Your

Let’s start with what’s going well in your life and then explore where you would like to see your future self. If you’re not sure yet what that looks like, I’m here to help you as you find ways to support this journey.

03 Peel Back the Layers

Peel Back the

Throughout our lifetime, we all have found ways to protect ourselves from painful and hurtful experiences. Get ready to dig deep to identify the ways that no longer serve you so they can be replaced with healthy tools that will enable you to live a more joyful life. Where the real work starts to uncover your true self. Whether our collaboration is brief or long-lasting, it remains an ongoing practice for you.

Testimonial from Julie

How do you know this is for you? 

Do you remember when you first noticed that you weren’t living your most fulfilled life?

Beliefs you may have inherited are controlling and consuming the way you think you need to be showing up in your world. When the days became monotonous and joy seemed distant, overshadowed by the never-ending tasks dictated by external demands. It’s time to break free from the list-driven priorities and rediscover the joy in life’s simple moments.

Let’s reconnect with your authentic self.

Embody Your Inner Knowing

3 Month Commitment

Bi-Weekly Sessions


Weekly Sessions


6 Month Commitment

Bi-Weekly Sessions


Weekly Sessions


Free Discovery Call

This complimentary session gives us an opportunity to connect and see if we are a good fit for working together. We’ll discuss your current situation and what you’d like to work on with me. What goals and truths are you seeking? I look forward to hearing from you!
Email Me: tara@embodiedvulnerability.com

My commitment to you

I will be committed to help you find what standing in your truth looks like for you.

To listen intently, to hear what you’re really saying, to ask the questions and to hold sacred space for the unfolding of your beautiful story. To help you unfold your vision of the life you truly want to be living. 

Allow me to guide you on a journey towards discovering your own path to peace and joy. Together, we will explore how these manifestations reveal themselves in your life. Let's uncover the unique expression of peace and joy that awaits you.

Embrace Vulnerability

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